Beer pong is a popular drinking game played in a variety of locations, but is common at universities and tailgating celebrations. The game is played on a long narrow table that is generally 2.44 by 0.61 and stands 69.8 centimeters tall, according to the World Series of beer pong regulations. Beer pong is typically played with two teams, each consisting of two team members. Each team has 10 471 milliliter plastic cups, filled up. Each cup contents from 118 to 177 milliliters of beer. The cups are arranged in a pyramid pattern, and the last row is filled with water in order to reduce beer waste. First team to land a ping pong ball into all of the opponent team’s cups is the winner. The teams alternate to shoot and the team-mates alternate at their turn as well

El Beer pong es un juego de beber de origen norteamericano en el que los jugadores tratan de encestar desde el extremo de una mesa, con pelotas de ping-pong en vasos llenos de cerveza. Normalmente se juega por equipos formados por dos personas y un número variable de vasos dispuestos de forma triangular. Aunque no existen unas normas oficiales lo habitual es jugar con 6 vasos para partidas individuales y con 10 para las partidas en parejas.